Our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of voyage optimization and route planning systems for the maritime industry. We design and develop cutting-edge technologies to support safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible voyages.

VoyOpt™ empowers mariners with port-to-port optimized routes and real-time weather routing updates.

At Offshore Navigation Limited, we are aware that a key factor in reducing overall operational expenses lies in fuel efficiency measures. 

Accordingly, we have developed VoyOpt™, a comprehensive digital solution that addresses the concerns of both vessel operators and fleet management while delivering automated, optimal voyage plans and weather routing information in a convenient dashboard. VoyOpt™ is an installation-free digital solution that is universally compatible with any web browser, which makes it easy to use onboard for the navigators and ashore in the office.  We believe that our technology provides the maritime transport community with a safer and enhanced environmentally friendly solution to important sustainability and climate change issues. 

Our technical team combines the knowledge and competences from fields of naval architecture, oceanography, captains with the maritime background, satellite Earth Observation (EO), information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, and big data sciences.  Meanwhile, our management team has in-depth knowledge of and technical capabilities in the areas of voyage planning and the global sensor/earth observation market. 

We have a complementary ability to adapt solutions to the maritime and offshore markets while also identifying and resolving the end-user’s pressing needs and assisting in the transition towards greener energy and lowering GHG emissions.

Capt. Jorgen Grindevoll possesses 20 years of experience in maritime industry with a focus on day-to-day operations, marine advisory and expertise, management of large projects, and the scale-up of innovative marine technologies.

Jorgen Grindevoll