Nor-Shipping 2019

This year’s edition of Nor-Shipping was exceptional to us. We had quite a lot of attention at our stand to the our route planner VoyOpttm. The general interest, approval and validation of requirements for our system gives us great comfort and motivation to keep developing our innovative take on route planning solutions for the maritime market.

ONL’s stand at Nor-Shipping 2019

A real-time route planning system

Offshore Navigation Ltd’s (ONL) vision is to reduce the environmental impact of global ship transport. Our mission is to establish ONL as a provider of the world’s best performing route optimization service for increased energy efficiency.

ONL develops innovative route planning services based on the VoyOptTM system. The VoyOptTM concept consists of a route plan that guides vessels how to efficiently sail from one port to the next. The system contains unique observational capabilities and computational models based on space-born data to calculate the route for the vessels to follow. This in turn results in a safer and more economical execution of maritime and offshore operations.

Due to its unique characteristics, the VoyOptTM system is suitable for a wide variety of applications related to energy supply, passenger transport, and general cargo transport.

The ONL management team has profound knowledge and technical capabilities in the areas of sail/voyage planning and the global sensor/earth observation market. Proper understanding of the operational constraints of maritime and offshore monitoring systems help satisfying the needs of the shipping and offshore markets. In other words, we have a complimentary ability to adapt solutions to the maritime and offshore markets and we can identify and resolve end-user pressing needs.

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ONL technology for energy supply              

ONL technology for passenger transport  

ONL technology for cargo transport