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This website is operated by Offshore Navigation Ltd (“we” or “us”). 

We respect your privacy and recognise that when you choose to provide us with information about  yourself, you trust us to act in a responsible manner with that information. This privacy policy contains  important information about how we use your personal information. 

  1. What does this data protection policy cover? 

This data protection policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) stipulates the purposes of processing  the personal data collected by Offshore Navigation Ltd and address how the personal data is processed  by us, their origin, storage terms, purposes of providing the data subjects’ rights, data recipients. This  Policy applies to any personal information you provide to us and to any personal information that we 

receive from third parties and other sources. This Policy is not a contract and does not create any rights  or obligations for either party other than as provided for in personal data protection laws. 

  1. Who is responsible for your information? 

Offshore Navigation Ltd, a private limited company, is responsible for the personal information we  collect about you (and are the data controller in relation to data protection law) that we collect from you  or about you. You can contact us on +44 203 318 29 14 or email [email protected] 

  1. What information do we collect? 

At times we may request that you voluntarily supply us with personal information. Generally, this  information is requested when you want us to provide you with information. 

We will use your personal information in the following ways. We are also required by law to state a “legal  basis for processing”, i.e. to tell you on what grounds we are allowed to use your information, and this  is also set out below:

What information do we collect and how do we use it? 

Our legal basis for  


Personal data when concluding or administering service  contracts 

In order to conclude and administer service contracts, Offshore  Navigation Ltd process the following personal data: personal  contact details (name, surname, personal identification number,  registration or residence address, e-mail address and telephone  number, individual activity or business certificate). number, bank  account number) and other personal data (such as  correspondence with the employees) that will be collected by us from the clients, public bodies or other sources during the service  period. 

The personal data, for the purpose of ordering and administering  remunerated services, shall be stored for 10 (ten) years and until  the end of the next January 31, after the end of the full  implementation of the contract, unless a longer term for such  personal data is established by law and / or other legal acts. .

Consent – we only use your  personal information for this  purpose if you have  

consented for us to do so.  You can withdraw your  

consent at any time.

Personal data when promoting the services of Offshore  Navigation Ltd 

We process the following personal information when promoting  the services of Offshore Navigation Ltd: personal contact details  (name, surname, personal identification number, registration or  residence address, e-mail address and telephone number,  individual activity or business certificate). number, bank account  number) and other personal data (such as correspondence with  the employees) that will be collected by us from the clients or other  information shared by the client that may contain personal  information. 

The above-mentioned personal data may be used by us for  advertising the services of Offshore Navigation Ltd, including, but  not limited to, presenting the results of implemented projects on  the website and/or our social  media channels, as well as during events (conferences, seminars)  or presenting implemented projects to existing Clients, potential  Clients, investors or various stakeholders such as European  Commission. We process the above personal data, which is used  for the purpose of advertising the services, with the consent of the  Client or through the service contract. 

This personal data and other related information is retained for as  long as it may be relevant for the promotion of Offshore Navigation Ltd product/services.

Consent – we only use your  personal information for this  purpose if you have  

consented for us to do so.  You can withdraw your  

consent at any time.

Personal details of job candidates applying for a job offer 

For the purpose of keeping a database of job candidates, we process the following personal data: CV, name, surname, date of  birth, address of residence, e-mail. postal address, telephone  number, links to personal social networking accounts, work  experience, skills and other information provided in the CV,  recommendation and / or cover letter. In addition to the  information provided in the CV, we may also handle answers to  questions or tasks. 

We undertake to delete and / or destroy the personal data of the  candidates for the job within 3 (three) months and the period  before the last day of the month, after the conclusion of the  employment contract or within 5 (five) working days, if you have  not expressed separate consent for the person processing of data  at the end of the selection of candidates.

Consent and our legitimate  interests – we use your  

personal information to  

assess your job application,  and to keep you updated  

throughout the application  process.

Employee personal data for the purpose of concluding,  administering and enforcing employment contract.  

For the administrative purpose of keeping employee database, we process the following personal data: name, surname, personal  identification number, date of birth, copy of identity card or  passport, social security number, personal bank account number,  residential address, e-mail address, postal address, telephone  number, documents certifying education, photo, personal health information / sick leave requests.  

The above personal data shall be stored for 10 (ten) years and for  the period until 31 January following the end of the employment 

Consent and our legitimate  interests – we use your  

personal information to  

assess your enforcing your  employment, and to keep you  updated throughout the  


contract, unless a longer term for the storage of such personal  data is established by law and / or other legal acts. 

Other personal data that is not specified in the employment  contract and is not related to the work activity or work results are  deleted and / or destroyed within 3 (three) months and the period  until the last day of the month after the termination of the  employment contract.


Contact personal information for marketing purposes 

In order to inform you about news and other information about the products, services, offers, events, etc. provided by Offshore  Navigation Ltd, for direct marketing purposes, we collect and  process the your personal data: name, surname, position, e-mail  address. 

We process your contact information based on a legitimate  interest and / or your consent. We process this data if you have  expressly consented to receiving direct marketing  communications by entering into a service agreement with 

Offshore Navigation Ltd or voluntarily submitting your details to  us.  

Each time you are sent a direct marketing message, you will be  given the opportunity to opt out of the direct marketing message  by notifying the email address provided by post or by any other  means specified in this Policy. 

With your consent, we will retain your personal information for 5  (five) years after receiving your consent and for the period up to  31 January next. In the event that we process your personal data  for direct marketing purposes on the basis of a legitimate interest,  your personal data will be stored for the duration of the  remunerated service agreement.

Consent – we only use your  personal information for this  purpose if you have  

consented for us to do so.  You can withdraw your  

consent at any time.

Personal data provided in a complaint or inquiry 

We process personal data that is submitted with individuals’  complaints or inquiries. This personal data is processed for the  purpose of administering complaints or inquiries.

Consent – we only use your  personal information for this  purpose if you have  

consented for us to do so.  You can withdraw your  

consent at any time.

We process cookies to improve the operation of the website 

We manage the IP addresses and traffic data of visitors to the  website This data is processed with  your consent.

Consent – we only use your  personal information for this  purpose if you have  

consented for us to do so.  You can withdraw your  

consent at any time.

4.Use of cookies

We use cookies on the website – text files containing small amounts of  information which we download onto your computer or device when you visit our website. Therefore,  when we refer to “you” in this section we mean your computer or device. We can recognise these  cookies on subsequent visits and they allow us to remember you. 

We use the information obtained from cookies for the following general purposes: to ensure the quality  of browsing the website, to improve the browsing experience on the website, to analyze the behavior  and traffic of website users. 

The following types of cookies may be used on our website: 

  • Technical cookies: these are the cookies that are necessary for the operation of our website, for the  advanced and easy use of the website, which automatically adapts to the wishes and needs. 
  • Functional cookies: these are cookies that, although not necessary for the operation of the website,  significantly improve its performance, quality and user experience. 
  • Analytical Cookies: These are cookies used to understand how visitors use our website, to discover  the weaknesses and strengths of the website, to optimize and improve the website’s performance, and  to continue to implement innovative solutions. The data collected by these cookies is used  anonymously. 
  • Commercial Cookies: These cookies are used by us to place company advertisements on other  websites. When you visit our website, a message informing you about the use of cookies is  automatically activated. You can agree to the use of cookies and continue browsing. If you do not agree  with the use of cookies, you have the right to close our website. You can revoke your permission to use  cookies at any time. You can do this by changing the settings of your internet browser so that it does  not accept cookies, but in this case certain functions of our website may not work or may not work  properly. Cookies are stored for a maximum of 6 (six) months. since your last visit. No personal data  about you is collected with the help of cookies. No information is provided to any third party during the  recording of the required Cookies, except for our partners who serve the information technology  economy. 
  1. Do we disclose your personal information? 

We may disclose your personal information if: 

  1. Required by laws, regulations, orders, standards or other legal requirements; 2. In response to official requests or requests from public authorities; 
  2. When we believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent financial or other harm; 4. Investigating illegal actions; 
  3. Transferring all or part of our business; 
  4. When conducting an audit of the company or investigating complaints and security risks. 7. What security measures do we use to process your personal information? 

The security of your personal information is very important to us, and we have implemented technical  and organizational measures to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, alteration and  destruction. Only properly authorized individuals have access to your personal information, and those individuals are properly informed about how to ensure the security of your personal information. Our  service providers and business partners have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of personal  information and not to use it in any way other than intended. 

  1. What can you do with your personal information? 

You have the opportunity to exercise the data subject’s rights listed below. In certain cases, the exercise  of these rights may be restricted or we may refuse to grant your request, such as when your  request is in conflict with the law. 

As a data subject, you have the right to contact us with questions related to the processing of your  personal data, i. y. you have the following rights:

  1. The right to be informed about the processing of data; 
  2. The right of access to data; 
  3. The right to request rectification of data; 
  4. The right to have data erased (“right to be forgotten”); 
  5. The right to restrict the processing of data; 
  6. The right to data portability; 
  7. The right to object to the processing of data. 

You may exercise these rights by contacting us at the contacts listed in this Policy. We will always try  to respond to requests and inquiries as soon as possible or inform you of the need for additional  information. 

  1. Contact us 

If you have any wishes, complaints or other questions, please contact us by email  [email protected] 

  1. Amendments 

This Policy is subject to change from time to time. After the changes, the latest version of the Policy will  be posted on our website and the date of the last change will be updated.  We recommend that you read this Policy regularly to keep up to date with the latest practices for  handling personal information. 

The policy was last updated on 03/01/2022.